Saturday, March 04, 2006

zope, man, get it together

Griddle Noise: Zope: A Crisis of Faith. Coming this March to TNT (TNT! TNT!)

the entry above and this followup comparing other web frameworks,
encapsulates alot of the same emotions I have about this technology and community.

I haven't read the zope3 naming thread, but judging from the ripples in the pond, it may be a while before I have the time to read it and recover from the resulting depression.

In the zope world, I believe we have a tragedy of the commons. Too many people depend on the decisions of too few. Unlike TG which is a community of self sufficient communities, we wallow in dependency. Downstream and upstream.

Maybe the best argument for small frameworks is that they require less gurus to maintain effectively. Maybe zope(2 or 3) is simply too big for the small number of core developers to truly fix all the broken windows(to truly serve it's massive audience of developers, designers, integrators, etc).

I think there is a strong argument here for smaller pieces that can be effectively supported. That can have effective messages. That can have effective documentation. That can solve a single problem most effectively. Than can exist without depending on anything larger than itself.

That can really do what they are suppose to do best without being obscured by a heap of other concerns.


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