Thursday, December 08, 2005

lispers in the dark

...the language / framework / geek-web-tribe wars rage on:Rewriting Reddit (Aaron Swartz: The Weblog)

My favorite is the props from the RoR guys to Seaside. That's right lisp, smalltalk (and ruby and python) is whooping your butt in the mindshare department.

In my little world, none of this really matters (yet), but the lessons are important. Nothing from lisp has hit my radar where my pocket book lives, except one area, emacs (which might as well be my OS).

OTOH Seaside got me to actually take a look at smalltalk and install Squeak. Because of immediately apparent value to what I am doing right now (and this is the reason I know Perl, Python, PHP and snippets of a handful of other language).

The ends may or may not justify the means, but they will bring the needing to your door if the ends do the needful.


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