Thursday, January 25, 2007

wicked into plone

Finally! A little late but it's in and waiting for framework team and wiggy's approval. Was pretty happy at how little I actually had to touch plone or any of it's dependencies to get this done. -

check it out, let me know if you find anything.

see: for instructions on setting up plone3(an automated build is coming via hanno)

wicked itself is available from the cheeseshop ( ) or svn ( )

There are some cool things under the hood in this release: directives for specifying exactly what field should be wicked on any existing content type, examples of multi-content type application of the filter, media wiki style bracket linking(optional), and fieldevent, a simple system for extending the render and storage of any field object's value. Fieldevents could be particularily useful to anyone interested in any sort of wicked like behavior such as xslt pipelining, inline rendering of referenced content, pagination, etc. They could be used to add css id's and classes to existing markup that KSS could then bring alive.

Looking forward: the last little bit is to fix up the old Product style wicked package to handle old instances.

Though 1.1 was developed against zope 2.10 (the plone integration depends on the persistent component registries), I suspect it will work just fine with zope 2.9. Products.wicked will essentially become a registry for calling in the necessary zcml from and wicked.atcontent.

OpenPlans is planning some simple syntax extensions soon and soon we will need to integrate wicked into some non-zope apps (particularily excited about this). In 1.1, I stubbed out a centralized cache / link map that would effectively let wicked get away from at references and the first step to moving it toward being more of a service rather than a zope or plone bound extension.