Thursday, December 08, 2005

a nice listing of zope3 resources / so what about that z3 website

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The z3 dev team is the classic web-developer without a homepage syndrome I imagine.

Jeff Shell kindly lends a hand with this blog entry:Griddle Noise: Some Zope 3 Quick Starts and Resources.

Web framework homepages are often dogbowls: demonstrations and operating points of pain for the framework (exhibit A for pain, the old zope CMF site, now thankfully retired). Without doubt, they reflect upon the community like wearing a clean shirt on a first date. If RoR had an ugly site, would the python community have spawned half as many Ruby-on-Rails alternatives?

In my neck of the woods, the new site just got launched. I think it is a good example of serving what you sell.

and yeah, it makes me a little proud that these are the people I drink beer and code with. [small disclaimer, plone is a *CMS* not a *web framework*]

The site deploys solutions like PlonePas (enterprise pluggable authentication) and CacheFu (a caching framework for CMF that allows a site implementor to play nicely with such caching solutions as the squid proxy server and memcached).

At the same time, it doesn't try to do everything in plone and plone alone; is a php app and trac is used for svn browsing, issue collectors, and developer wiki. runs a python implementation of planet for blogs.

It's really nice mix of technologies, but this is a hard won balance. The hammer impulse often has made it difficult for members of the plone community, especially one who have just got their sea legs, from making the dive into interoperability or not reinvent wheel. Plone has suffered as people pushed to do things they simply shouldn't (I myself can claim a few formerly square holes rammed into plone shaped ones). Too many times we have answered the question "what is plone good for" with "whatever you want to do!"

As Mr. Natural says, "Use the Right Tool for the Job".

In this spirit, many people have left the zope in the past, declaring it insane and written their own python web frameworks (this is a popular pythonist weekend activity) while the zope community (all of us still in the looney bin), plugged along contributing tons of the zope community.

Happily, this is changing, at least on the zope side. Zope Interface are showing up places like rdflib and twisted, as well as in Zope2. But alot of the misconceptions still linger on.....

A new zope3 webpage, ahem, might help this. Thanks to enTransit, it could even use plone as it's CMS.....


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